Triennale Design Museum contributes to “Stand Up for Democracy” initiative
Giugno 18, 2017

Note: this article was originally published on the “Democracy and Design Platform”, where the Design Policy Lab is one of the main coordinators.

On 20th June 2017, the seminar “Democrazia e Design. Contributi per una democrazia progettuale” will be hosted at Triennale Design Museum in Milan, in collaboration with the Department of Design and the School of Design at Politecnico di Milano.

The event is the Triennale’s contribution to the initiative “Stand up for Democracy”, promoted by the Democracy and Design Platform.

The seminar aims to explore and discuss the potentials of a design democracy, intended as a democracy regenerated by the variety and dynamism of projects happening within it, where the figure of the designer contributes in several ways.

In this perspective, many questions emerge: how can information design foster the deliberative democracy by addressing complex topics? How can participatory design be extended to participative democracy? How can service and communication design, by working in a hybrid space, both physical and digital, contribute to a digital democracy, thus being capable of renovating discussion and dialogue in the non-digital world?

The seminar aims to explore these topics with the two-fold goal of envisioning answers for these open questions and proposing to the design community (professionals, researchers, students, cultural workers) to put the democracy issue on their agenda, acknowledging how this involves everyone, not only as citizens, but also as professionals.

For more information on the event, please visit Triennale Museum’s official website at this link.