The Design Policy Lab works on the relationship between design and policymaking.

Our mission is to explore how approaches, methods and tools of the design discipline innovate the practice of policymaking. We work through research projects and training. 

Thanks to innovative research processes, we help our partners to translate their innovation goals into concrete and contextualised lines of action.

Our activities include:

  • drawing on innovative research methods to collect data and support decision-making
  • developing digital tools (interactive prototypes, websites, dashboards) for dissemination
  • developing methodological and evaluation frameworks 
  • applying user-centred methods for co-creation in public governance settings
  • communication design and storytelling

We advance the public sector innovation agenda through several lines of research:

  • urban circular metabolisms for a sustainable and inclusive transition
  • patient-innovation and open care in healthcare and prevention ecosystems
  • food system and circular approaches of product-service
  • data-driven approaches for policymaking
  • algorithmic governance as a socio-technological phenomenon in the public sector
  • systemic design and policy entrepreneurship

In training activities, we aim to improve the design capabilities of policy-makers and public servants. We make the latest research in design for policy available with ad hoc formats. We are actively involved within the main academic and professional venues dedicated to design for policy.


Stefano Maffei
PhD, Full Professor

Beatrice Villari
PhD, Associate Professor

Francesco Leoni
PhD, Research Fellow

Martina Carraro
PhD Candidate

Erin McAuliffe
PhD Candidate

Ichen Chiang
Student Intern