(English version below) Includi.MI sta entrando nella sua fase finale. Il progetto, co-finanziato da Fondazione Cariplo, è stato sviluppato dal Design Policy Lab in collaborazione con Tiresia e ha ricevuto il supporto del Comune di Milano. In linea con gli obiettivi del progetto, i coordinatori hanno sviluppato diverse attività. In primo luogo è stata condotta […]

Note: this article was originally published on the “Democracy and Design Platform”, where the Design Policy Lab is one of the main coordinators. On 20th June 2017, the seminar “Democrazia e Design. Contributi per una democrazia progettuale” will be hosted at Triennale Design Museum in Milan, in collaboration with the Department of Design and the […]

On 4th/5th April, the Design Policy Lab attended to the workshop “Towards a multi-level urban 3rd space” (follow the link for a full agenda of the event) in Brussels. The lab-session was organized by the EU Policy Lab in collaboration with DG RTD, as a follow-up of the Lab Connections event organized by the JRC Policy Lab.The 2-days […]

ENoLL – European Network of Living Labs has launched a call for papers, that will be open for submissions until the 1st of May.The call seeks to gather articles on several topics: Living Labs, open innovation, participation, multi-stakeholder innovation, open innovation in public sector and user-centered design and more.Selected articles will be presented by researchers during the […]

On 12.12.16 the Danish Design Centre, in collaboration with Copenhagen Business School’s Public-Private Platform, organized an event called “Policy Experimentation by Design”. Representatives of the Design Policy Lab were invited within a select group of policy makers, public managers and academics to discuss how the landscape of design practice and research is changing toward design for policy.For us it was an inspiring […]

During the 2016 summit “Powering Innovation”, Design For Europe and The Design Policy Lab have launched an open “Call To Engagement”, to ask the design community to contribute to The Design Policy Beacon.A couple of months after the summit, we would like to open this Call online to the European design community at large. If you are […]

“A reform is not a reform before there are citizens that experience something different”Mette Frederiksen, Former Danish Minister of EmploymentOn 17th and 18th October 2016 the Design Policy Lab @ Polimi has taken part to the ‘Lab Connections’ event organized by the Eu Policy Lab at the JRC in Brussels.The main aim has been to […]

The Design Policy Lab is opening a full-time 3 months internship position for students. Applicants should send an email to, with the following documents attached: CV (italian or english);Motivation letter (focusing on why you are interested to work on design for policy); Portfolio of projects (optional).The candidate must be proficient in written and spoken […]