Design Policy in Action – The model of the Luxembourg Design Action Group
1 Marzo, 2016

Design for Europe is organising a peer-to-peer event to be held on 21st of March in Luxembourg, entitled Design Policy in ActionThe model of the Luxembourg Design Action Group. The event aims to strengthen the local impact of the DAG in Luxembourg, and to share this successful example with other selected countries that the DfE consortium is supporting in its third year of activity.

In 2010, Luxinnovation – the National Agency for Innovation and Research – and MUDAM – the Museum of Modern Art) started jointly the Design Action Group (DAG) with the help of several local partners, leading to the development of a Design Action Plan. The plan’s goals are to be a forerunner of a national policy for the promotion and growth of innovation by design in Luxembourg. The DAG mission is based on four principles: Educate and inform on design; Encourage the use of design; Develop design skills; Increase the visibility and access to design.

This model will be explored during the event, whilst also being compared with other interesting international environments that are trying to achieve the same results with a bottom up approach. In particular, the initial part of the day will be dedicated to introducing the DAG story, followed by a presentation of all actions taken to prepare the ground for a design policy. In the following, ambassadors invited from the participating countries will share and compare the stories of their contexts.

In the second part, participants will be guided through the identification of strategic tools and steps to define scenarios for the development of a design action plan for their countries. This will help policymakers and design advocates in the countries represented pursue the integration of design in future innovation policies.

The event is organised by Design for Europe and the consortium partners  – Design Council, Politecnico di Milano, Luxinnovation, and ArcFund.

Draft Agenda:

Monday 21st March, @ MUDAM (Luxembourg – Kirchberg)

10.00 Welcome

10.10 Introduction to DfE and the Design Policy Beacon

10.30 Design Policy in Luxembourg – Introduction to the Design Action Group

11.10 Invited ambassadors to present their context (tbc)

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Workshop session| Introduction to programme and objectives

13.20 Activity 1 | Mapping design policy contexts

13.40 Group discussion of outcomes

14.00 Activity 2 | Defining a Design Policy Action Plan

14.30 Group discussion of outcomes

15.00 Closing remarks

16.00 End of the event

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